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Apache Cassandra Certification Training

Apache Cassandra Certification Training for who wants to enhance their knowledge of open source Apache Cassandra or NoSQL database. This training is for candidates who wants to enhance their knowledge of Apache Cassandra Apache Cassandra certification training will help you gain knowledge of Cassandra Architecture, its features and Cassandra Data Model.

Apache Cassandra Course Features

Instructor-led live sessions

24 Hours of Online Live Instructor-led Classes. Training Schedule: 8 sessions of 3 hours each.

Lifetime access

Students will get lifetime access to all the course materials where presentations, quizzes, installation guides, and class recordings are available. 

24/7 expert support

We provide 24/7 support to all the students, thereby resolving technical queries. 


Each class will be followed by practical training sessions for a better hands-on experience.


Each class will be followed by practical training sessions for a better hands-on experience.

Apache Cassandra Course Description

Cassandra is an Apache distributed database that is extremely scalable and built to manage massive amounts of unstructured data. Database Operations, Table Operations, Node Operations in a Cluster, Managing & Monitoring the Cluster, Backup/Restore, Performance Tuning, and Hosting Cassandra Database on Cloud are all covered in Apache Cassandra Certification Training. In addition, you will learn how to combine Cassandra with other Apache frameworks like as Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka.

This training is for candidates who are interested to enhance their knowledge of NoSQL database This course is best suited for professionals such as:

    • Software Architect

    • Database Professional

    • Project Manager

    • Software Developer

    • DBA

    • System Administrator

This training will provide in depth knowledge of fault tolerance, scalability, high availability, fast processing, NoSQL database features, different backup and security features offered by Apache Cassandra, and more.

There is no prerequisites for the Apache Cassandra Certification It is advised to have basic understanding of Linux, Docker and Java.

Why Apache Cassandra Training

The demand for NoSQL and Apache Cassandra is increasing day by day that is why the the demand of certified professionals such as Cassandra developers and administrators is also increasing This is an ideal certification for the people who wants to be Cassandra developer or Cassandra administrator

Apache Cassandra Syllabus

  • Introduction to Big Data and Issues instigated via way of means of it

  • V- Velocity, Veracity, Value, Volume, and Variety

  • Conventional Database Management System

  • Restrictions of RDMS

  • NoSQL databases

  • Common developments of NoSQL databases

  • The theorem of CAP

  • How Cassandra resolves the Limitations?

  • History of Cassandra

  • Cassandra's Attributes

  • Introduction to Database Model

  • Recognize the similarities among the RDBMS and the Cassandra Data Model

  • Comprehend next Database Elements: Column, Keyspace, Cluster, and Column Family/Table

  • Family Options of Column

  • Columns

  • Skinny and Wide rows

  • Dynamic and Static tables

  • Cassandra as a distributed database 

  • Critical Cassandra components- SSTables, Commit log, and memtable Replication factor Cassandra data replication Gossip protocol- Detecting failures

  • Snitches- uses Gossip- utilises

  • Data Distribution

  • SEDA (Staged Event-Driven Architecture) Services and managers

  • Write and read pathways on virtual nodes

  • Repair uniformity level

  • Repair in stages

  • Replication Factor

  • Replication Strategy

  • Define columns and data types

  • Describing a partition key

  • Identifying a partition key

  • Denoting a descendant cluster order

  • Data updating

  • Tombstones

  • Data deletion

  • Using TTL

  • TTL Improvement

  • Cassandra's Nodes

  • Methods for predicting seed nodes

  • Node Bootstrapping

  • Cluster node (commission) addition

  • Getting rid of a dead node

  • removing a retired node

  • Repair

  • Repair read

  • What is new about gradual repair?

  • Conducting a repair operation

  • Application of Spark and Cassandra

  • Cassandra monitoring tools

  • Tailing

  • Logging

  • Making Use of JConsole

  • Using the Node tool utility

  • Understanding Operations Center

  • Analysis Tools for Runtime

  • Creating a snapshot of RAM and CPU references

  • Restoring a snapshot

  • Hardware options

  • Storage options

  • Streams and load distribution

  • Storage types to avoid

  • In contrast to enormous amounts of data, Cassandra's modification with end-to-end performance

  • A Cassandra Database is being presented in the cloud.

  • Security

  • Cassandra's continued assistance with functional data

Apache Cassandra Training FAQs

A candidate will get in depth knowledge of Apache Cassandra and its applications.

There is a steep profession increase for Cassandra licensed specialists. If you're making plans to make a profession in NoSQL databases, now could be the proper time for you.


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