Certified Forensic Analysts Training

Certified Forensic Analysts Training

Certified Forensic Analyst is a course established by LORCAM to train you as a security specialist as well as a forensic analyst. This course includes all you need to know to become a professional and qualified forensic analyst. This course begins with a study of the fundamentals of database security, network security, and operating system security, and then progresses to a study of network forensics and professional ethical hacking. This is a 30-day course that will offer you with a thorough understanding of forensic analysis in a short period of time. This course is intended for advanced learners who wish to go deep into network security research.

What is the Certified Forensic Analyst Course?

The Certifies Forensic Analyst course will assist you in strengthening your abilities and expertise in complicated forensic cases, external data breach intrusions, anti-forensic strategies used by attackers, establishing protection against threats, formal forensic case investigation, and other areas.

What are the many procedures that you must take against network forensics, phishing cases, and trojan and worm protection?

LORCAM built this course specifically to make a person an expert in this sector.

Why should I sign up for this Course?

There are several job options in the field of information security and network security. Some of the world’s largest corporations frequently hire expertise in this subject. If you are already working in this sector and want to increase your knowledge and become a professional in your field, this is the course for you. Case studies are offered to help students get a practical understanding of each topic. People who enroll in this course at LORCAM may be given professional chances and directed to well-known firms.

Why did you choose LORCAM for this course?

Why is it that LORCAM is the only company that offers such courses? The reason for this is because our courses are taught by professionals who are experts in this industry and have been working on several cases every day for more than five years. The second point is that LORCAM is inexpensive and charges lower pricing than the market. So, why pick others when the greatest in the field are right here for you? So, simply contact us now to register for the forthcoming batches.


This is a summary of some of the topics covered in this course.

  • Forensics on disc
  • Forensics of Networks
  • Data packet examination
  • Legal concerns with evidence gathering and chain of custody
  • Forensics of browsers and USB drives
  • Memory forensics and Windows forensics
  • Forensic investigation based on volatility and encase (tools).
  • Protocol requirements.
  • Firewalls
  • WLAN Security
  • Forensics: Dead vs. Alive
  • Process of Computer Investigation
  • Attacks are being investigated

Need to know more?

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