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Certified Incident Handler (ECIH) Certification Training

The Certified Incident Handler certification training  by EC Council helps many gains a complete understanding of the concepts that you need to work on after the security breach has taken place. There are severe consequences that an organization might face because of the security breaches, but with Certified Incident Handler on board, the incident impact can be reduced. You learn about the steps to be taken to deal with the incident and how to ensure that the hackers are out of context. There are many organizations looking for incident handlers, and this ECIH certification can certainly help you gain the best opportunities.

ECIH Training Features

Instructor-led live Sessions

One of the best features of our ECIH training is that you get instructor-led live sessions. This means that you can pursue the program at your convenience.

Avail Certification

After you have completed the ECIH certification course, we ensure that you get certified in the respective domain as well. We help you get your exams cleared without any hassle.

Lifetime Access

With us, you can have complete access to ECIH training program study materials for the rest of your life. This means that you can groom yourself as and when required.

Expert Support

We are providing excellent support service to our students as required. You can connect with our experts according to your needs and that too at any point in time.

Real-Time Assignments

Our ECIH certification program is filled with real-time training assignments that can help you get yourself ready for the job and the situations that you might face in the future.

Experienced Trainers

One of the best features of our ECIH course is our team of trainers. We only work with the best in the business to help you get your training completed successfully.

ECIH Course Description

When it comes to EC Council’s ECIH certification program, it helps you gain skills that can help you address any kind of security breach that has happened. It helps you take proper actions so that the impact of the same gets down, and it helps your organization to suffer from fewer financial and data loss-related issues. This program helps you gain a complete understanding of the tools and techniques that can assist you in the process of incident handling and response and eventually make sure that the incident is not damaging the business reputation anymore.

Below mentioned are the ones who can consider pursuing the course of ECIH. Take a look:

  • Application Security Engineers

  • Penetration Testers

  • Cyber Forensic Investigators

  • Vulnerability Assessment Auditors

  • System Administrators

  • Analyst and SOC Analyst

  • System Engineers

  • Risk Assessment Administrators

  • Firewall Administrators

  • Network Managers

  • IT Managers

  • Network Administrators

To pursue the respective course, you need to tick the below-mentioned pointers. Take a look:

  1. You must have a minimum of one year of experience when it comes to managing Windows/ Linux systems/ Unix or any other operating systems.

  2. You also need to have proper knowledge of security and general networking services.

Below are the details of the exams associated with ECIH certification. Check it out: 

  1. Test Format: Multiple choice questions

  2. Test Duration: 3 hours

  3. Number of Questions: 100

  4. Passing Score: 70%


Why ECIH Certification Training

Below mentioned are the reasons why you must not think twice and consider pursuing the course of ECIH certification. Take a look:

  1. It helps you gain complete knowledge of incident handling and response.
  2. You also get to understand the incident handling and response procedure and techniques.
  3. It assists you in getting complete knowledge of how to be forensic-ready and what should be the first response process.
  4. It helps you learn about how to take complete care of malware incidents.
  5. It assists you to learn how to handle and respond to different kinds of web applications and network security incidents.
  6. It also assists you in understanding how to respond to cloud security-related issues.

ECIH Course Syllabus

In this domain, you get to learn about all the basics of Incident Handling and Response to get started with the course.

This domain of the ECIH certification program helps you learn about the procedure that needs to be followed for Incident Handling and Response.

This module helps you learn different concepts related to forensic readiness and also what can be the first response to deal with security breaches.

In this domain, you get complete clarity about how to deal with malware incidents and ensure that the impact is kept to a minimum.

This module helps you gain an understanding of the concepts related to the steps taken to deal with email security-related incidents.

This ECIH domain can assist you in understanding the different concepts related to the response that needs to be made for network security incidents to curb the impact.

This domain of the respective course helps you understand the different topics and sub-topics related to the response made to web application security issues.

Here, you get to learn about the steps and concepts that are followed while responding to any kind of cloud security-related incident.

This module can help you learn about the different concepts related to the approach being taken to deal with insider threats and ensure that the loss is kept to a minimum.

ECIH Certification FAQs

Below is the target audience for the course of ECIH certification. Check it out:

  1. Firewall Administrators

  2. Network Managers

  3. IT Managers

  4. Cyber Forensic Investigators

  5. Vulnerability Assessment Auditors

  6. System Administrators

  7. Application Security Engineers

  8. System Engineers

  9. Risk Assessment Administrators

  10. Network Administrators

  11. Penetration Testers

  12. Analyst and SOC Analyst

To pursue the course of ECIH certification, you must follow the below-specified criteria:

  1. One year of experience in managing Windows/ Linux systems/ Unix or any other OS.

  2. Proper knowledge of general security and networking services

We, LORCAM, have been in the industry for a long and have assisted many with the ECIH training program successfully. We have not only the best faculty group in place but also excellent facilities to help you pursue the course at your convenience.


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