Compliance Auditing

What Is Compliance Audit?

Compliance auditing is a broad term that describes multiple levels of assessment that checks the applicable laws (against the firm being audited) and other rules and regulations set by various organizations(or competent authorities) that aim to have a disciplined organizational flow of work. These authoritative bodies make sure that the issued guidelines are being followed well within the organizations. If all the compliance guidelines are followed the organizations are certified for the same by the authorities. These certificates are presented with an applicable expiry date and the certified organization needs to certify them again after the time frame of the certificate is extended. Some of the very popular authoritative organizations that are responsible for certifying the cyber organizations are ISO, GDPR, SOC-2, and even PCI DSS. These are majorly considered standards that are to be followed similarly across the globe.

Why Compliance Auditing?

Compliance auditing holds great importance for companies who are willing to maintain a global standard. These audits are specially designed for helping the companies in identifying their weaknesses and strengths too. Companies also find paths and ways to improve themselves and make a better work environment with the help of audits. In some cases, even the compliance audits also help the companies identify the threats and the risks that can roam around by bad policies and malpractices of the cyber-firms. This also makes the cyber firm carefree from any kind of potential legal troubles. In this ever-changing cyber world, these compliances and there are constantly updated to be up to date with the laws and trends. So, in simpler terms, compliance auditing provides a broad outline to the companies that can adjust the same according to their needs and limits.

Benefits Of Compliance Auditing

The benefits of compliance are of a vast range. Majorly the compliances focus on quality assurances and improvement of the same. But other notable benefits that a firm can enjoy after getting certified are as follows-

  • Determining quality of internal workings and control- compliance auditing is a powerful tool to determine if the internal structure of the company is adequate for the company to run successfully.
  • Promotion of good practices- overall awareness is spread widely when a company gets certified as more and more employees of the firm gets to know about quality standards.
  • Guaranteed compliance with policies and regulations- the certification is provided only when it is verified by the authoritative bodies that all the prescribed standards are being followed within the firm.
  • Easy recognition of weaknesses- the compliance audit has proven itself to be very effective in removing the inefficiencies of the firm to have an improved flow of work
  • Spotting easy potential cost savings- Since the auditing is conducted with a focus on every aspect of the firm; the authoritative bodies generally come across the setups of the firm that can achieve the same level of productivity even after cost cuttings.

What We Audit?

We at Securium Solutions Private Limited are pleased to announce that we have a dedicated team of experts that can guide you with achieving the most renowned standard certifications which are as follows-


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a standard for enhancing cardholder data protection and helping to keep payment card details secure


GDPR as a framework is considered as a global standard widely across the cyber and cyber security industry. It is majorly focused and framed by clarifying terms of European data protection.


ISO 27001 is an international information security standard for organizations that handles, processes, transfers or stores information.

Our company is well known and established in all the aspects of certification needs and we can help you achieve them with ease. With us holding top standards itself, we assure the best auditing services that come along with the best offer price plans according to your needs. Scroll down to know more!

Our Working Process



Initial talks that happen between the client firm and the security experts for a discussion of the security status of the infra.



Security experts draft a proposal of all the testing and patching services required by the client firm.



Scope of the project (focus area, requirements, etc.) is determined by the complexity and need for security (web, mobile, cloud, etc.)



Security experts initiate engagement activity with the methodology to make it secure by finding loopholes and patching them.

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