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CPENT Certification and Training Course

CPENT or The Certified Penetration Testing Professional Training Courses , presented by EC Council, is a cybersecurity course defining high-level designations. If you desire to succeed in the field of a penetration tester, then it has to be this course. It can help you become an elite penetration tester and enhance your chances of better opportunities. This CPENT certification has been developed by professionals in the business. It helps you sharpen your testing skills to get closer to the gaps in the network and IT infrastructure. It helps you understand the modern-day structure to get the testing completed successfully and keep the attacks away. You get to learn how to plan an exploit, usage of different tools, conduct binary exploitations, double pivoting, script customization, and a lot more.

CPENT Training Features

Instructor-led live Sessions

We are providing instructor-led live sessions that can help you pursue the CPENT course as per your convenience and needs.

Avail Certification

With us, you are going to be a Certified Penetration Testing Professional as and when you get the course completed and clear the CPENT exams questions

Lifetime Access

With our CPENT training program, you also get benefitted from lifetime access to all the course materials that can help you in the grooming process.

Expert Support

You can consider connecting with our support team as and when you want to and get your queries resolved without any delay.

Real-Time Assignments

Our CPENT certification has been designed with the inclusion of real-time assignments that can help you get yourself prepare for the job.

Experienced Trainers

We work with professional trainers who can help you get all the bases covered in terms of CPENT courses and help you clear your CPENT exams in one go.

CPENT Course Description

Why CPENT Certification

Below mentioned are the reasons why you must not think twice about pursuing the CPENT training course program:

  • It can help you understand the approach to be taken to test Advanced Windows security and keep the attackers at bay.
  • You get to learn more about the process of identifying the gaps in the IoT Systems that can be misused by the attackers.
  • You also get complete know-how of how advanced binaries can be exploited by hackers around the world. So, you get to learn about the concepts like reverse engineering, flawed binaries, and more.
  • You learn about the techniques and procedures used to get through the filtered network and extract the data for misuse.
  • And more.

CPENT Course Syllabus

With the help of the CPENT Certification Course, you get to enhance your skills in the domain of penetration testing. Not only this, it helps you become an even better security analyst and help you enhance the chances of availing of better opportunities. It helps you become one of the advanced penetration testers that can give you the opportunities you are looking forward to succeeding.

You can consider pursuing the CPENT certification if you would like to succeed in the field of:

  • Penetration Testers

  • Ethical Hackers

  • Firewall Administrators

  • Network server administrators

  • System Administrators and Risk Assessment professionals

  • Security Testers

Below are the mandatory pre-requisites that you need to tick to pursue the CPENT training program:

  • You need to be CND, and CEH v11 or CEH v10 certified to pursue the training.

  • You also need to have an understanding of Pen testing.

Take a look at all the exam-related information that you must know about while pursuing the respective certification program:

  • The exam can be given in 12-hour sessions and even a single 24-hour exam

  • 70% is the minimum passing percentage

  • If you have cracked 90% or more, then you also avail Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) Designation.

In this module of CPENT certification, you get to learn more about the fundamentals of penetration testing.

Here, you get to learn more about the scope and engagement prospects in the domain of penetration testing.

In this domain of the CPENT course, you get to learn more about the concepts related to Open Source Intelligence.

This domain of CPENT certification helps you get a complete understanding of different topics related to Social Engineering Penetration Testing.

As the name suggests, this module covers all the concepts related to network penetration testing externally.

This module helps you gain complete knowledge of how penetration testers complete internal assessment of their business network structure.

Here, you get to learn about the different aspects of Parameter devices network penetration testing.

This domain of the CPENT training program can help you gain about the different concepts related to web application penetration testing.

It helps you get complete clarity on the concepts related to the wireless penetration testing process.

This module can help you gain complete knowledge of different topics and sub-topics related to IoT penetration testing.

In this domain, you have complete clarity of the concepts related to the process of OT/SCADA Penetration Testing.

Here, you get to learn about the topics and sub-topics related to cloud penetration testing that can help you in your professional life.

This domain of the CPENT course can help you learn more about the concepts related to Binary Analysis and Exploitation.

This module can assist you in getting complete knowledge of Report Writing and Post Testing Actions.

CPENT Certification FAQs

The target audience of the CPENT certification program is:

  1. Network server administrators

  2. System Administrators and Risk Assessment professionals

  3. Security Testers

  4. Penetration Testers

  5. Ethical Hackers

  6. Firewall Administrators

To pursue the respective training program, you need to have the below-mentioned boxes ticked.

  1. Must be certified with CND & CEHv11/CEHv10 program.

  2. Need to have proper knowledge of Pen testing.

We at LORCAM have the experience of assisting many with their needs of the CPENT training program successfully. Not only do we have the best tutoring attributes but also qualified trainers on board to assist you in getting your concepts clear, being job-ready, and cracking your exams on the first attempt.


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