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CSPO Certification Training - Certified Scrum Product Owner

CSPO is a certification course which is managed by the ScrumAliance. We learn in CSPO course scrum principles, framework, and values. We also learn how to balance the demands of stakeholders. CSPO also provide the way of new techniques for getting the consumers demands .so that you can pick the best next offering to market for them.

CSPO Course Features

Instructor-led live sessions

24 Hours of Online Live Instructor-led Classes. Training Schedule: 8 sessions of 3 hours each.

Lifetime access

Students will get lifetime access to all the course materials where presentations, quizzes, installation guides, and class recordings are available. 

24/7 expert support

We provide 24/7 support to all the students, thereby resolving technical queries. 


Each class will be followed by practical training sessions for a better hands-on experience.


Each class will be followed by practical training sessions for a better hands-on experience.

CSPO Course Description

Certified scrum product owner certification is providing us the basic knowledge like how we can improve the product value through the metrics. In this course we also learn how to response change and how to minimize the risk in delivery.

You don’t need an any requirement for CSPO certification. But some people ask for basic knowledge but it is not mandatory. So you can directly apply for this course without any eligibility.

After the completing 2 days online CSPO course. You don’t need an exam. Because scrum alliance don’t conduct the exam for CSPO certification.

Why CSPO Training

CSPO certification is the most recognized in product owner. This certification also helps you to get the job. This course provide us the methodology how we can fulfill the consumers demands. After the CSPO certification you can easily apply for a job. Here are the some job roles.

    • Product owner

    • Product manager

    • Director of product management

    • Project manager

CSPO Course Syllabus

  • Discuss minimum three different organizational designs which affect how the accountabilities of the Product Owner are executed.

  • Use a technique to provide transparency to stakeholders on progress toward goals.

  • List of techniques to gather information or insights from stakeholders.

  • Explain how to Product Owner interacts with the other Scrum Team a member during the Scrum events and throughout the Sprint.

  • Identify the ways to overcome the challenges of being a Product Owner for multiple Scrum Teams.

  • Discuss at least two reasons why the Product Owner is a single person and neither a group nor a committee.

  • Discuss how and why the Product Owner maintains authority over the Product Backlog while working collaboratively with Developers and stakeholders.

  • Describe the relationship between a product Goal and a Product vision.

  • Practice setting up a product goal.

  • Practice creating a Scrum Team with a Sprint Goal.

  • Components list for product plan or forecast with stakeholders.

  • Describe the plan how to product release.

  • Explain the two approaches for identify small, valuable, and usable Increments.

  • Explain how a Product Owner includes product discovery and validation in their work.

  • Describe at least one strategy for segmenting users and customers.

  • Use minimum one strategy to resolve conflicting user or customer demands.

  • Identify minimum three product discovery factors that influence the success of the final product.

  • List minimum three approaches to connect Developers directly to customers.

  • Describe how Scrum supports validating product assumptions.

  • Compare at least three approaches to validate product assumptions by their cost and quality of learning.

  • Explain the relation between outcome and output.

  • List minimum three actions the Product Owner could take to maximize outcomes and impact while minimizing outputs.

  • Define at least three terms related to product economics.

  • describe value from the perspective of at least three different stakeholder groups.

CSPO Course FAQs

The CSPO certification validity only for 2 year. But you can renew it after 2 year.

CSPO course duration only 2 days (14 hours).

CSPO is a certification course and it is managed by the scrum alliance.


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