Information Security Training

Information Security Training

LORCAM offers a 6-month training course called Certified Information Security Expert. Expert specialists that work frequently on cyber security and information security projects and have extensive expertise in this sector teach a comprehensive detailed examination of every topic in the information security and ethical hacking course.

What does Certified Information Security Expert Training entail?

  1. CISE has been designed in such a way that it focuses only on the important aspects of becoming a Cyber Security Expert.
  2. It is the LORCAM Master Course, which covers every topic in depth.
  3. It has been planned to train a learner to become a full-fledged Cyber Security Specialist.
  4. The course is designed for anyone seeking a place to spend their six months of training time.
  5. It has been specifically created for third and fourth-year students who desire to complete a six-month training program in the field of cyber security.


  1. It provides a comprehensive understanding of all facets of cyber security, leaving no stone left.
  2. It offers in-depth research.
  3. All areas covered in the 6-week course are thoroughly researched, with a focus on forensics and compliance.
  4. In this course, the student will be given all of the Study Material.
  5. Additionally, live sessions will be held, with a focus on one-on-one engagement.
  6. Hacking practical demonstrations will be presented.
  7. All Industry events will receive maximum attention.
  8. Exams will be given.
  9. Study time will be split into quality periods.
  10. After six months, full career guidance will be offered.


The following are the highlights of LORCAM’s training programs:
      1. Excellence

      2. Reasonably priced

      3. Professional Advice

      4. Examinations

      5. Workplace Environment

      6. Best Time Management

DURATION: The training lasts 6 months and is divided into regular sessions.

This CISE Program is intended to cover every area of cyber security to assist information security enthusiasts in delving deeply into the world of cyber security. This course will prepare you to become an information security consultant.

This course delves into practically every aspect of information security, including forensics, compliance, network security, and web application security. After completing a 6-month training program, a candidate can advance to the level of information security professional. He/she will receive career support only if he/she fulfills the minimum score requirements in the examinations being administered.

Course Description:

Overview of Covered Topics


  • Networking fundamentals and Linux
  • Understanding the Nmap scanner ( OS detection, service detection, and more )
  • Firewall Avoidance (Firewalls are just a false sense of security )
  • Understanding Metasploit ( msfconsole, Armitage, etc)
  • Crafting packets with hping2, hping3, and scapy.
  • The vulnerability scanner Nessus
  • Network Hacking (get into the network, evade firewall, grab the root access, “BE THE RULER” )
  • Server Hijacking (the Way to hijack a server goes through the creepy website hosted on it )
  • Persistence threatens in advance
  • Packet making (MODIFY IP, PACKET HEADER, PARAMETERS, be fool the server)
  • Kungfu for netcasts
  • Design of a Secure Network
  • Countermeasures
  • Threats to Windows OS and possible countermeasures
  • Security measures in Linux (gaining access to /etc/shadow or /etc/users)
  • Principles of database security
  • Trojan and RAT remote computer hijacking
  • Windows server design that is secure
  • Hardening of a Linux server
  • An overview of “How Websites Work.”
  • Using burpsuit and tamper data tools to intercept requests
  • SQL injection attack and mitigation (Let’s play the table and column game.)
  • Cross-site scripting attack and mitigation ( Love javascript )
  • Misconfiguration of security
  • Hijacking a session.
  • Countermeasures for cross-site request forgery ( because I love redirection)
  • Exploration of remote code execution vulnerabilities
  • RFI and LFI ( remote file inclusion & local file inclusion )
  • vulnerability investigation
  • Attacks and countermeasures for denial of service (DOS) and distributed denial of service (DDOS) (a click and bang!)
  • Security concerns and remedies for various web platforms
  • Review of website code and secure coding concepts
  • The chain of custody and the six A’s of forensics
  • Legal investigation of evidence acquisition
  • Forensics on disc
  • Forensics of Networks
  • Data packet examination
  • Forensics of browsers and USB drives
  • Memory forensics and Windows forensics
  • A forensic investigation based on volatility and encase (tools)

  • Assessment and auditing fundamentals
  • ISO/IEC 27001:2005
  • Risk Evaluation
  • BCM
  • Projects and report creation
  • Vulnerability assessment in real-time
  • The final theoretical and practical examination

Where is the course held?

If you want to learn such courses online or from home from anywhere in the world: Examine Online Training Courses. Training is completely satisfactory, and every student receives full assistance at all times. Note: This is only a summary of the subjects to be covered; there is much more to learn in LORCAM.

Need to know more?

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