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Linux Fundamental Certification Training

The Linux Fundamental Certification Training will assist you prevail all the required and necessitated notions like its installation, packages,architecture, user management, scripting data, useful commands, file system, and utilities with completely hand-on practice. This course will completely help you to enter the community of Linux professionals as you will learn each concept about the Linux. Though installing Linux on the system is easy but its working is bit complex. Doing this course will help you know the deep concepts on how linux operating system works.

Linux Fundamental Course Features

Instructor-led live sessions

24 Hours of Online Live Instructor-led Classes. Training Schedule: 8 sessions of 3 hours each.

Lifetime access

Students will get lifetime access to all the course materials where presentations, quizzes, installation guides, and class recordings are available. 

24/7 expert support

We provide 24/7 support to all the students, thereby resolving technical queries. 


Each class will be followed by practical training sessions for a better hands-on experience.


Each class will be followed by practical training sessions for a better hands-on experience.

Linux Fundamental Course Description

Linux Fundamentals course description covers all the necessary and required generalities for Linux administration and programming. The course covers all the motifs like Linux installation to security administration, stoner- account operation, networking generalities, train system operation stoner operation, virtualization, system services, Kernel services, and numerous further.

  • Installation of Linux
    • Setting up of kernel parameters

    • Software installation and removal

    • Management of system services

    • Managing users

    • Managing file system

    • Understanding Linux based programming tools

    • Creating a network setup and configure it

Since it’s a fundamental course and is meant for beginners, anyone who is interested in and want to go for the it field can opt for this course.

Why Linux Fundamental Training

Since LINUX is a free and open source operating system and it has become a necessity to have basic knowledge about the LINUX to come in contact with IT professional. Moreover the LINUX server is used by almost all big companies and from this it can be computed that how secure the LINUX is. And through this course you will learn hand-on practice on it.

In the IT world it is a need to learn LINUX operating system for survival. The Linux fundamental training certification will help learning the popular operating system i.e. LINUX. It is a highly populated and in-demand operating system.Most populated websites like GOOGLE , FACEBOOK use the LINUX server.

Linux Fundamental Course Syllabus

Here you will learn about features of LINUX its history etc.

  • Need for Linux OS

  • What is Linux

  • History of Linux

  • Relationship Between Unix And Linux

  • Features of Linux

  • False myths around Linux

  • Where Linux is used?

  • Components of a Linux OS

  • The architecture of Linux OS

  • Types of Kernel

  • Shell

  • Programming in Linux

  • Linux Distribution

  • Miscellaneous Linux Concepts

  • Software Licensing

  • Installation and initialization of Linux

  • Shell Scripting

  • Practical Uses of Shell Scripting

In this module you will know how to manage the users.

  • Users in Linux

  • User Configuration

  • Adding/Deleting/Modifying Users

  • Group Administration

  • Password Aging Policies

  • Switching Accounts

  • Sudo

  • Network Users

  • Authentication Configuration

  • SUID and SGID Executable

  • SGID Directories

  • The Sticky Bit

  • Default File Permissions

  • Access Control Lists (ACLs)

  • Hidden Files

Here you will learn about booting.

  • Kernel Configuration

  • Boot Management

  • Grub Bootloader Configurations

  • Red Hat Package Manager

  • YUM

  • DPKG

  • APT

  • Build from the source code

  • Libraries

  • OSI layers and Protocols for IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, FTP, TFTP, Telnet, SSH, HTTP, DNS,DHCP, ARP, ICMP, etc.

  • Packet capturing tools

  • Linux commands and tools to troubleshoot networking: netstat, tcpdump, ip, etc.

  • Linux utilities: e.g. dnsmasqd, samba server ftpd, webserver, netcat, scp, etc.

  • Linux Firewall: command, utility, and usage.

  • Security: SSH, SCP. Certificates, authentication, encryption, etc.

  • Remote login: SSH, screen, VNC, etc

  • Process Management

  • Process Commands

  • System Calls

  • Output Redirection

  • Special Variables in Bash

  • Expect Script

  • Python Scripting

  • Dictionaries

  • Programming languages overview

  • Static and Shared libraries

  • Compilers, debugger, IDE, ctags, make utility, etc.

  • Editors in Linux: vi, emacs

  • Troubleshooting and optimization using profiling tools

  • Diff, patch and configuration management system

  • Test automation and CI/CD pipeline

  • Security in IT Industry

  • SELinux

  • Information gathering tools

  • Grub security

  • TCP Wrappers

  • Securing Shell

  • ClamAV

  • Virtualization

Linux Fundamental Course FAQs

No worries, the candidate will have option to view the lectures later on.

 The linux fundamental certification exam is MCQ based

The passing score on a range of 200-800 is 500.


Course Rating
$150 $100-33% Off


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