Mobile Application Security

Mobile Application Security

Mobile Application Security is a type of security testing to find the weak spots/ vulnerabilities in an application that runs on different platforms like IOS, Android, Windows, etc. to make sure the application is not carrying any security threats.

Why You Need?

We are living in the digital world, where we are surrounded by lots of digital devices like desktops, PCs, Mobile phones, Smartwatches, and many more. According to a website named 51 percent of the time spent by the users online is on mobile devices. From starting a day till day end, we use our mobile device for various purposes – booking a cab, ordering a grocery, booking movie tickets, and much more to do all these tasks there are various applications available on the internet one can easily download and install the applications according to their need. While these apps are making our life easy, they carry security threats as well. People who have malicious intent or black hat hackers are targeting the mobile devices widely through applications that run on them. In today’s world, it is very easy to trick someone to install an application onto their phone. Black hat hackers use social engineering techniques to trick the user’s to install malicious applications onto their phones. That malicious application may contain viruses, spyware, adware, and other forms of malware. That’s why the Mobile Application Security is necessary.

Why Lorcam?

Here at Lorcam, we have a team of professional Mobile Application Penetration Testers who will assess the applications by using industry-standard tools, scan for vulnerabilities, and will perform a penetration test manually to check the exploitability of the vulnerabilities furthermore We will do a risk assessment based on the PenTest result. We make sure that your mobile application’s having an acceptable security risk.

How Do We Do? Methodology

Lorcam’s penetration testers follow standard methodology while performing a Mobile Application Penetration Testing. Below is the overview of the methodology that we follow.

The process of Mobile Application Penetration Testing is divided into three phases:-

  1. Pre-Attack Phase: This phase is mainly focused on planning and preparation of the penetration test, it includes how the penetration test will perform, what is in scope, how many people will work on the project, emergency contact at the company’s side, and other documentations
  2. Attack Phase: From this phase penetration test will start. It can be divided into three parts:

(i). Information Gathering– Penetration testers will perform OSINT and use public resources to gather information about the target. Attackers with access to tons of information available on the internet trying to find out

the sensitive ones which can be used for further exploitation purposes.

(ii) Static Analysis– It would be mainly focused on reviewing the source code of the applications to ensure appropriate implementation of security controls. To perform the static analysis we follow the hybrid automatic/manual approach.

(ii). Dynamic Analysis– In this, we focus on finding security vulnerabilities in applications while it is running. It can be performed at the mobile platform layer and the network layer as well which includes capturing and analyzing the HTTP request and response made by an application to the back-end servers. We will look for the OWASP top 10 and SANS 25 vulnerabilities.

  1. Post-Attack Phase: Post-Attack Phase includes the documentation of the vulnerabilities found during the Attack phase that contains details about the vulnerabilities, a step-by-step process to reproduce the attack, and the most crucial part of remediation. We will coordinate with the target organization to mitigate the vulnerabilities. Furthermore, we will Re-Test the vulnerabilities after the implementation of fixes to ensure that the vulnerabilities have been fixed properly.

Our Working Process



Initial talks that happen between the client firm and the security experts for a discussion of the security status of the infra.



Security experts draft a proposal of all the testing and patching services required by the client firm.



Scope of the project (focus area, requirements, etc.) is determined by the complexity and need for security (web, mobile, cloud, etc.)



Security experts initiate engagement activity with the methodology to make it secure by finding loopholes and patching them.

Need A Free Estimate?

Reach out to us with your Scope and Complexity and get a free estimate from our expert team and duration for the security assessment of your network or Application.


Whenever you make any changes in your mobile application or system, you should go for Mobile Security Testing as it is very critical for your organization’s security. It is preferred best for an organization to conduct mobile security testing quarterly or half-yearly or annually for a safe and secure environment.

Mobile application security is valid until any latest update is released or any changes are made.

If you go for a complete compliance audit like ISO 27001 standard, you will be provided a certificate by ISO 27001 itself. And if you go for VAPT, Our organization will provide you a security certificate that is valid for 3 months or 6 months, or a year as per the contract details.

After getting a request for a proposal from your side, we will give you the technical and commercial details for the project. And after mutual agreement and legal contract, we can start the project.

The cost of the project depends on the complexity of the project or your mobile application and the duration of the contract.

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