Meet Our Team

Securium Solutions is a dynamic and skilled team of cybersecurity experts. With diverse backgrounds and extensive experience, we\’re dedicated to safeguarding digital landscapes. Our comprehensive approach combines cutting-edge technology, proactive strategies, and industry best practices to ensure robust protection against evolving cyber threats. We specialize in threat detection, incident response, risk assessment, and advisory services. Count on us to secure your digital assets and provide peace of mind in an ever-changing digital world.


Mohamed Atef

Director (President & Chief Mentor)


Sunil Singh



Neha Singh

Director / CS Standards & Compliance Officer


Alexander H. Reay

Director Of Securium UAE


Sam Nivethan V J

Sr. Security Analyst LPT, ECSA, CEH


Vinay Gupta

CISO(Head Of Information Security)



Director of Technology, CISO


Chris Wasielewski

Cyber Security Analyst


Sameh Antar

Business Development Manager


Esraa Kamel

Digital Platform Speciailst

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