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Python Scripting Training will help you master key Python programming concepts such as data operations, file operations, and various Python libraries such as pandas, numpy, matplotlib, which are essential for data science. This course is ideal for professionals and beginners. Python scripts help developers build applications quickly and efficiently. This training course provides a basic understanding of Python scripting, reflected in Python terms. This Python scripting training course tries to get you to perform variable-type operations. Understand the value of Python and be prepared to formulate applications using the principles of object-oriented programming.

Python Scripting Training Features

Instructor-led live sessions

24 Hours of Online Live Instructor-led Classes. Training Schedule: 8 sessions of 3 hours each.

Lifetime access

Students will get lifetime access to all the course materials where presentations, quizzes, installation guides, and class recordings are available. 

24/7 expert support

We provide 24/7 support to all the students, thereby resolving technical queries. 


Each class will be followed by practical training sessions for a better hands-on experience.


Each class will be followed by practical training sessions for a better hands-on experience.

Python Scripting Course Description

LORCAMs Python scripting training course focuses on Programming and Scripting Implementation, Database Management, Object-oriented Coding, Error Handling, Sets, and various networking principles.

  • Programmers, developers, architects, professional executives
  • Industry analysts
  • Computer scientists, data researchers
  • Understand the principles of Python as a programming language
  • Understand the aspects of scripting
  • Understand the importance of Python in the centralized environment
  • Understand data types, operators, decision statements and loops
  • Creating and executing functionalities and modules (Boto3)
  • Creating a network application with the appropriate interface
  • Creating software based on object-oriented programming

Why Python Scripting Training

Python is enormously versatile. You can use it for each small and complicated tasks, and it’s far used throughout many one of a kind industries — from its greater not unusualplace packages in facts technology and software program engineering to environments like cell app development, synthetic intelligence, and system learning.

When you’re gaining knowledge of a brand new programming language — in particular after you’ve finished your bootcamp direction or degree — you’ll need to experience assured which you have a network of programmers you may flip to with questions whilst an difficulty comes up. One most important advantage of Python is its sturdy and supportive on-line network, as evidenced via way of means of the 1.five Million GitHub repositories that make Python the platform’s second-biggest network.

Python Scripting Course Syllabus

  • Python Overview
  • Companies Using Python
  • Several Programs Using Python
  • Explore Python Scripting on UNIX/Windows
  • Values, variables and various types
  • Various expressions and operations
  • Conditional statements
  • Loops
  • Command line arguments
  • Write programs on the board
  • Python file I/O functions
  • Numbers
  • Strings and associated events
  • Tuples and associated processes
  • Lists and related activities
  • Dictionaries and related events
  • Sets and related tasks
  • Fertile functions
  • Function parameters
  • Global variables
  • Variable scope and return values
  • Lambda functions
  • Object-oriented concepts
  • Regular libraries
  • Python modules used
  • Import declarations
  • Check path module
  • Ways to install packages
  • Error and exception handling
  • Handling of many exceptions
  • NumPy: tables, arrays
  • Array-based processes
  • Slicing and iteration indexing
  • For reading and writing arrays in files.
  • Pandas: data structures and index processes
  • Learning to write and read data from Excel, CSV, etc. formats. in pandas
  • matplotlib library
  • grids, axes, charts
  • Color schemes, markers, fonts and styles
  • Different categories of charts are bar charts, pie charts, boxplots, histograms, etc.
  • Contour charts
  • Library: Matplotlib
  • Grids, Axes, Boxes
  • Colors, Markers, Charts and Styles
  • Chart Shapes: Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Histograms
  • Contour Charts

Python Scripting Training FAQs

Your support team's access is lifetime and open 24/7. The staff will support you during and after the training by answering questions.

After registration, access to the LMS is automatically provided to you and is available for life. The complete collection of regular lesson records, PPT, PDF, assignments are at your disposal. Instead, we grant you access to our 24x7 support team. You can start learning right away.

Yes, once you have taken the course, access to the course content is available for life.


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