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SOC Analyst Training Course

SOC Analyst training course is designed to help you get a complete understanding of SOC processes and operations. With the help of the SOC analyst training, you learn to analyze the information security incidents but also learn to respond to them. It helps you understand the approach to be taken to create different security measures and keep track of it. You get complete know-how on how to conduct security investigations and also how to use the tools like Splunk and Security Onion.

SOC Analyst Training Features

Instructor-led live Sessions

With our SOC analyst training, you get live sessions at your convenience. So, be a part of our instructor-led live sessions to complete the training.

Avail Certification

Once you get the SOC Analyst course completed, you are going to become a certified SOC analyst. This means that you get a certificate as evidence.

Lifetime Access

With us, you can get complete access to study materials related to SOC analyst training all through your life. It can help you groom and learn.

Expert Support

You can reach out to our online support team anytime via call or email for any kind of queries or doubts related to the course.

Real-Time Assignments

One of the highlights of our training program is that you get real-time practical training on SOC operations to help you prepare for the future.

Experienced Trainers

With us, you get professional trainers at work. All our trainers are highly experienced and have already assisted many with successful results.

SOC Analyst Course Description

We are leading security training and consulting service providers in different IT security courses and solutions. We have the best facilities and resources in place to help you with flawless SOC analyst training. All our training programs cover the latest topics and trends. You can be certain about learning all the skills related to Security Operation Center. With us, you get to benefit from:

  • Experience in working with different tools like Security Onion and Splunk.

  • You get to learn about how to prepare successful strategies to counter the attack.

  • You get all the qualifications you need to avail the best opportunities in the domain of SOC Analyst.

  • With us, you can have a flexible schedule for the purpose of training.

  • You can also get recorded videos for different modules of SOC analyst training.


These are the reasons why you must consider us for your SOC analyst certification. We ensure that you clear the exam on the first attempt and enhance the chance of availing of excellent opportunities.

You can consider pursuing the SOC Analyst training program if you would like to grow in the field of:

  • System Administrators

  • Technical Support Engineer

  • Cyber Security Analysts

  • Security Consultants

  • Information Security Researcher

  • SOC Analysts (L1 & L2)

  • Security System Engineers

To be able to pursue the respective course, you need to match the below prerequisites. Take a look:

  • Understanding of OS basics, networking fundamentals, and troubleshooting.

  • You need to have experience working as an entry-level Cyber Security Analyst, SOC Analyst, or Information Security expert.

  • You need to have experience in the field of CEH Certification or Security+.

  • You also need to have an experience of 2 years in the domain of Information Security.

When it comes to the structure of the SOC analyst certification exam, there is no particular standard. The entire course is going to assist you clear different exams related to this field without any hassle.

Why SOC Analyst Training

Below are the reasons why you can consider getting registered with our SOC analyst training. Take a look:

  • It helps you get complete know-how of the Security Operation Center (SOC) procedure.
  • You also learn about Blue Team operations architecture.
  • This course can help you gain an in-depth understanding of threat intelligence, digital forensics, and incident response.
  • You also get to learn about security tools, technical strategies, and approach that needs to be taken to safeguard data for your company.
  • You get to learn more about crucial SOC tools that include Security Onion and Splunk.
  • You get to learn more about the process of identifying threats and also the ideal countermeasures to deal with the same.

SOC Analyst Course Syllabus

In this domain, you get to learn about the concepts related to security operations and management. It helps you get clarity about the basics of the respective domain so that you can move ahead without any kind of hesitation.

In this module, you get to learn more about the methodologies and procedures related to cyber threats, attacks, and IOCs. You get to learn how everything goes about so that you can remain a step ahead of the hackers.

Here, you get to understand more about the fundamentals of Incidents, Events, and Logging that can help you become professional SOC analyst for all industries.

In this module, you get to learn more about SIEM and its related to concepts in detail.

This module can help you get to learn more about the concepts related to the latest enhancements in the domain of incident detection with the use of threat Intelligence technology.

In this module, you are going to learn more about the concepts related to different techniques and procedures used for incident response.

SOC Analyst FAQs

When it comes to security operation centers, it is basically one of the most important attributes of data protection and security system. It helps in curbing down the risk, like different vulnerabilities and threats related to the information systems.

To become a successful SOC analyst, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. Take a look:

  1. First, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in the field of computer science or a related subject.

  2. After this, you also need to go through proper training from a reputable institution to complete the certification and gain the experience to become a SOC Analyst.

  3. Every single organization is in search of a SOC Analyst but with different requirements. So, you need to be ready for the same.

When it comes to Certified SOC Analysts, they are a part of the cybersecurity team who takes complete control of monitoring and combating threats. They understand the gaps and work on the strategies that can counter any kind of attack. They work with the responsibilities like assessing security systems, exploring and repairing threats and vulnerabilities, and enhancing cyber resilience.


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