Unlock Your Full Potential with VA&PT: Virtual Assistance and Tasking Services

What Is VA&PT?

This acronym stands for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. This is two different types of stages in overall security of a web application, network, cloud and even mobile security. They have different parameters to cover under a given specific focus area. In the first stage of vulnerability assessment, various types of tools are used in order to discover all the present vulnerability. No matter how small or dangerous the vulnerability is, it will have to be reported. After this stage gets successfully completed, this process moves to second stage of penetration testing. In this sub stage, ethical hackers attempt to exploit each and every vulnerability of the previous findings. The testers than determine the impact and severity level of the specific vulnerability. Further the vulnerability is labeled as critical, high, medium and low respectively. When these stages are combined to form one field it is generally known as VAPT.

Why VA&PT?

There is huge variety of benefits that a corporation receives that are crucial for the growth of the firm itself. This is done majorly because loose end points can anytime become an entry point for a malicious user. This will follow up with loss of critical information that can cost company in deduction of cash and cash equivalents. VA&PT comes in this situation as an overall prevention. Testing also helps the organization to understand their own level when it comes to security arrangements; this automatically increases growth scope for the company.

Benefits Of VA&PT

The whole process increases both qualitative and even quantitative aspects of any given firm. Some of the top benefits that a firm enjoys after the conduction of the testing processes are as follows-

  • Secured platforms- Be it a cloud or a web application, the testing process specifically makes sure that no loose end points should remain for a malicious user to enter.
  • Securing data- Data theft is a big problem as company data contains crucial information that can be in wrong hands resulting in financial and reputational loss. VA&PT is done to avoid such situations.
  • Confident customer base- Even the customers of the firm will be mentally satisfied as they too will know how secure their precious data is kept after conducting proper testing’s.
  • Higher long term financial gains- When a firm has not to think about network and data security, it can completely focus on growing as an individual business.
  • Improved ROIs- the cost of conducting the tests are much lower than the cost of data theft and loss for any company. Thus this becomes important to know the security aspects of every cloud, network, and mobile and web structure of a particular firm.

What We Secure?

We at Securium Solutions Private Limited are pleased announce that we have a team of experts that specializes in VA&PT process of different platforms which are as follows-

Web App Security

Web application security is the process of defending, detecting and preventing cyber attacks on websites and web applications.

Network Security

In today's world of cybercrime, it's vital to have strong network security. As technology becomes more and more common in our daily lives,

Mobile App Security

Mobile Application Security is a type of security testing to find the weak spots/ vulnerabilities in an application that runs on different platforms

Our company can handle all the VA&PT needs with ease as we have various certifications like CERT-IN and ISO27001. With these standards and high-end quality of tests being conducted, we offer various price plans according to your needs. Scroll down to know more.

Our Working Process



Initial talks that happen between the client firm and the security experts for a discussion of the security status of the infra.



Security experts draft a proposal of all the testing and patching services required by the client firm.



Scope of the project (focus area, requirements, etc.) is determined by the complexity and need for security (web, mobile, cloud, etc.)



Security experts initiate engagement activity with the methodology to make it secure by finding loopholes and patching them.

Need A Free Estimate?

Reach out to us with your Scope and Complexity and get a free estimate from our expert team and duration for the security assessment of your network or Application.

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